I've been seriously OBSESSING over the last four days because there is a 45% off sale section over at eShakti, right now!   You do not need a code.  Everything is already marked down for you (ranging from $30-90). 

But, here's why I am seriously crazy obsessed, right now... you can use this coupon for $40 off your first order of $70+ (plus free customization on ALL items in your first order!) along with this promotion! 

I seriously scored two custom sized and designed dresses, this weekend, for $33 SHIPPED! 
If you've ever tried to purchase custom clothing before you should know that you're going to spend about $200-700 per garment.  The fact that I just got two for $33 is absolutely crazy insanity!  I don't even understand how unbelievable it is. 

FAIR WARNING:  All items are limited availability and as they sell out of fabric pieces will disappear.  But, this also means that new items have been added daily!  I've been checking back every day and seeing some seriously awesome stuff.  The best pieces tend to disappear within 2-6 hours... so you have to snag what you want fast because they sell out like crazy. 
Items from the 45% off section do not apply for the current site wide sales, either... but, you can take advantage of both sales plus the $40 off coupon, though, and get yourself a whole new custom sized wardrobe for insanely inexpensive!

Here are some of the awesome pieces available right this second in the 45% off section (that pink and black dress is going to sell out fast, I can tell!):

Two of the amazing dresses I got sold out within hours on Saturday!

What did you end up getting during this amazing sale?

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