IGIGI: Is the Brand in Trouble?! (BRAND CLOSED FOR RELAUNCH)

Have you had issues with IGIGI in the last couple of years? 
Let me know in the comments below.
UPDATE (10-04-2016)

The IGIGI site is now down. If you go to www.IGIGI.com, this is what you find:

I just want the brand to know that we are all looking forward to the relaunch!  Many of us would love to see some updated designs, product models in a wider range of sizes, and the use of more natural fabrics. 

Brands go through changes as they grow over time and trends change.  We all love you, IGIGI, and you definitely have a place in fat fashion.  Over the years you've come to represent luxury, quality, comfort and well fitting clothes for women who can't find items in their size anywhere else. 

If you go to AMAZON: This is what you find.


UPDATE (4-14-2016)

During my hiatus (I had back surgery March 15th) my reader did finally get a full refund on her order and IGIGI also contacted me to tell me that they were changing their Paypal address to match the return address.  This is all good news!
It does not, however, fix the issues that customers have been having with the brand over the last couple of years.  But, it does give me more hope that they are back on track to regaining confidence. 

As many of you probably know, I started promoting IGIGI again last year when they had a massive overhaul with their design, management and PR teams.  I was under the hopeful impression that some new blood in the company would mean great things for the brand and plus size community.  It was easy for me to fall in love with their Lisette and Madison gowns.  I earnestly felt like they were coming back stronger than ever and really enjoyed their new size diversity campaign "IGIGI: Love Yourself" in early 2015.

Many customers have been faithful IGIGI fans since their inception in 2000 and have been expressing more and more frustration with the brand in the last few years.  This last week I was contacted with some very troubling information and wanted to post about it and ask the community if you've had a similar experience with IGIGI, recently.  I want to stress that I've already attempted to contact the brand directly prior to writing this blog and have carefully considered the implications of the information I am about to present to you. 

A long time fatshion friend of mine made a large order with IGIGI during one of their massive sales this last year that I had promoted all over social media.  Unfortunately, quite a few of the garments didn't work out for her (this happens) and she sent them back.  That was in the first week of November. 
As of today, which is now four months later, she has still not received her refund of $207. 

She initially wrote me to ask me if the brand blacklists customers and wondered if perhaps she had done something wrong to deserve the treatment that she has received.  That's when I realized that there must be a huge problem.  I asked a lot of invasive questions about her experience and explained that she was not obligated to tell me (but, honestly, I feel responsible for her experience because I had promoted the sale to her and wanted to get to the bottom of it).  I can tell you that this lovely lady never has anything bad or catty to say about anyone.  She's kind, intelligent, supportive and a strong plus size woman working in a male dominated tech industry. She shops at IGIGI for work clothes.  I am describing my perception of her so that you understand why I trust her and why I felt inclined to write this post and tell you all about what happened.   

This customer had placed her order through Paypal.  Normally Paypal has a policy where a company cannot have both the merchandise and the money at the same time and would typically force a return to the customer immediately.  Unfortunately, IGIGI has set up their Paypal account where the return address for their merchandise does not match the address on file with Paypal... so, Paypal is unable to enforce buyer protection.  When I wrote IGIGI through both Facebook and my media contact (which is currently Masha Kubyshina since IGIGI lost the amazing PR powerhouse Camille Schmidt this last fall), I was not given an answer as to why there is this discrepancy between the addresses!  In fact, they ignored the question entirely. Part of me wants to believe that this was an oversight because they made so many changes in the last year.  Part of me is concerned that this oversight is leaving customers with absolutely no recourse when IGIGI fails to get them their money back for returned items. 

When the customer had called IGIGI's customer service number on multiple occasions, her call went to voicemail and she was never given a call back.  After months of dealing with no response she finally wrote IGIGI through their Facebook page (she admitted to me that this made her feel like such a creeper because she was forced to be persistent and write them through social media since they had not responded in any other way).  The person who wrote her back stated that the refund was being processed.  Essentially she was told "the check is in the mail".  That was almost two weeks ago, now!  She still has not received a refund from IGIGI. 

This is extremely troubling information.  When I contacted Masha about this situation I explained to her that I was writing a blog about what I've been told and plan to publish it.  I demanded answers!  I was not given any.  She said that she would pass the information along to the customer service team, but I did not feel confident in her complete lack of interest in the situation. 

With the quality of IGIGI garments taking a drastic turn in the last couple of years, this return/customer service debacle just doesn't look good for the brand.  The Fall and Winter 2015 collections looked amazing in photos online, but in person the fabric quality was not what IGIGI fans have come to expect from a brand that was once considered the best in the industry as far as construction and quality.  The sizing has also been inconsistent and awkward on a lot of the designs in the last two years. 
One of the dresses that my fatshionista friend had ordered was the Delia dress (that I reviewed here). 
She was the one that said that it fit her poorly and made her look like a lumpy pillow, and my review is dated December 31st. I don't blame her for returning it if it didn't work out for her. 

When I checked out IGIGI's return policy via their FAQ on their website I didn't see anything to explain why it would take over four months for them to process a return. 

Another concern is that IGIGI hasn't released a Spring 2016 collection, yet, and many fans have been eagerly anticipating some new pieces for the season.  Many have suspected that IGIGI might be in big trouble and have been anticipating news that they will be shutting down. 

I've said this before, and I will say it again... it's actually really sad when a plus size brand fails.  Especially a brand that has been around for 16 years and has international customers.
As plus sized women, we sincerely don't have a lot of options.  We especially don't have a lot of "made in the USA" options (which normally means higher quality for the higher price tag).  When a brand starts to go downhill it means even fewer options for us.  I know that a lot of gals aren't really into IGIGI as much anymore because the brand is a bit more mature and expensive than other options.  But, I really sincerely love IGIGI and the niche they serve in the industry.  I hope that whatever is going on can be fixed!  I hope that this isn't a sign of the end times. 
I hope that they not only get my fatshionista friend her money back... but also make this BEYOND right by offering her some serious love!!!  I hope that they get back to the quality and service we know and love from IGIGI. 

Have you had massive issues with IGIGI in the last couple of years? 
Let me know in the comments below.  Big or small, I want them to know what is important to IGIGI fans and potential customers. 
My fatshionista friend also wants to hear if you have had similar refund issues and if they have been resolved. 


  1. I was a diehard Igigi shopper, often buying 5 or 6 dresses or tops from them each season, however I stopped ordering from them about 6 months ago because my last 2 returns experiences were awful, both times taking months for my refunds to be processed. I'll buy in-store (a local boutique has started carrying the products) but not buy direct.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. It really helps other shoppers who have been dealing with similar situations, in the last year, to know that they are not alone. The advice to "not buy direct" is really good.

  3. Is IGIGI going bankrupt? They have not had a new collection in ages, the current dresses are made of cheaper materials and the fit is off. Trying to get a refund, or any type of customer service, is a nightmare. What is going on?

  4. I have had a similar issue. I had purchased a few items from IGIGI in the past and had nothing but good service. however this year I purchased a dress. returned it within the 45 day returns timeframe. It was air posted from New Zealand and it takes 5-10 working days to return. It took 2 months for them to process it. I emailed them continually asking them to trace it. They kept replying that it hadn't arrived. It had arrived as the postal carrier had traced it for me. When it was finally processed they gave me a store credit. I have been continually emailing for a please explain and also for a credit card refund. I have also called and they have not called me back. I even emailed the CEO but no reply.
    I now have a pretty useless store credit as there is virtually nothing on their website. Reduced range and no sizes left.
    Never again really bad experience...

  5. I'm an attorney who has been wearing IGIGI for years. Their suits used to be my go-to when I really needed something stunning for court or an interview. I also relied a lot on their dresses.
    I still have some very good dresses from IGIGI but yeah, it seems like the quality is quite different. I ordered a wrap dress this summer, and wrap dresses literally never fail to look great on me. Until July 2016. I was completely shocked because it was two of my favorite things - IGIGI and a wrap dress. I got it through Gwynnie Bee, so I had no issues whatsoever with the return, but I was extremely disappointed. I ordered another dress, and while it's okay, it's just not the spectacular that I've been used to. Then an ill-fitting pair of pants. I kept them and wore them, but they didn't feel and look as tailored as I prefer (that said, I have a really, really curves figure, I always have some kind of trouble with pants, so I just went with it). That, and the lack of new styles, and especially the lack of new suits ... Dammit, if IGIGI goes under and doesn't get its game back to where it used to be, I'm going to be extremely disappointed. I'll still buy from them, I'll admit. But I'll have to be much pickier.

  6. I've had nothing but GREAT service and clothing from IGIGI! I remember the "good old days" when they sent presents along with my order (I think it was earrings). I LOVED that! I felt SO Special. They had me hooked for life. I'm just sorry now that I hadn't ordered more clothing from them. I hope, Hope, HOPE that they are coming back REAL soon so I can begin ordering again!

  7. I messaged Igigi on Facebook because I found a picture of a dress online and its an Igigi dress and I fell IN LOVE. I want the dress for my wedding in Feb 2016. Well, the answer I got was dresses will be available again in November so to check back in a couple weeks!!! I am super excited because my heart is set and I cannot find this anywhere...I will hire a seamstress if I have to. LOL



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