Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant Launched today! [with Update]

I don't know about you, but this capsule collection of designs by Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant is absolutely killing me! The colors, textures and airy fabric choices are so perfect for Spring into Summer 2016. The pricing is a big heavy at $88-200 for the collection's non-tshirt pieces (which I was earnestly anticipating when Lane Bryant wasn't forthcoming when customers asked how much the pieces would be).

I've confirmed with Lane Bryant that the collection is going to be available at all of my local Lane Bryants tomorrow, so I plan to head over and try pieces on and take pics for you guys.

BONUS: Free Retro/Modern Sunnies when you spend $75+

First Impressions: Aside from some of these prints/textures... this collection isn't far from the beaten path of plus fashion we've seen in the last year, but it is overall really stylish and cute  Lots of Retro style, very high waists and a more elegant upscale version of the tshirt and tutu that is very popular. I feel you can tell that Christian Siriano's friend Nicolette Mason inspired the style choices because the majority of this collection looks like it was born from her mixture of retro femme and edgy modern badass.  The colors are bright, fun and fresh for the season. 

Okay... but can we gush over the pieces that I personally need in my life or I will evaporate into a cloud of fashion sorrow and agony!?!?


These sheer plaid organza circle skirts are making me go *eeeeeeeeeeeeee*. (available in sizes 10-28)
This is a playful nod to the tutu trend, but much more sophisticated and mature.
I love that the fabric is light, airy and feminine without adding too much volume or bulk to the lower body.

I am just over the moon with the pastel jaquard houndstooth print pieces!!
Scaled up houndstooth is a favorite of mine, obvs, but add in this (I can't actually tell from the photos if it's robin's egg blue, aqua or baby blue) and white... and my mouth is seriously watering.  NEEEEED!

This pastel jaquard houndstooth print dress is screaming "VIVI! YOU NEED ME!" (available in sizes 10-28)

And the pastel houndstooth pencil skirt...(available in sizes 10-28)
Which looks really stunning paired with the yellow One Shoulder Drama Top (available in sizes 10-28).

And the pastel houndstooth belt (available in sizes 14-24)...

But I am also wondering... where is your matching pastel houndstooth jacket from the Look Book?!

Hopefully it will show up on site and in stores, soon, and wasn't completely replaced with this Hot Pink Perforated Moto Jacket or Black Mesh Moto Jacket... because I will just die if the houndstooth jacket isn't available. O_O Both of these jackets are slight variations on Wet Seal, ASOS, Eloquii, Simply Be and Deb moto jackets from last Fall. They are still really awesome mega hot pieces! But, I was thirsty for the houndstooth. *cue disappointment trombone*

This is the most excited I have *ever* been about Lane Bryant in the 20 years I've been shopping there.
I am hoping that this will be the first of many collections from Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant!
Now, pardon me while I go ask Lane Bryant what happened to my jacket.


Update 7:30am PT.

Lane Bryant got back to me about the Houndstooth jacket and the peach skirt that were in the Look Book and promotional video for this collection.  NEITHER will be available... which is massively disappointing to those of us who were very much looking forward to them. 

This collection is still great!  But, it's hard to not feel a little bummed (one fashion friend said that she felt a little misled--false advertising--got her hopes up).  This isn't the first time a sample piece has made it into the Look Book or advertising but didn't ultimately make it into the end collection, and I am certain it won't be the last.  It's just a downer when they are pieces you were personally looking forward to buying. 


  1. Thanks for the update on the Houndstooth jacket. I've been going nuts checking the website multiple times a day to make sure I didn't miss it if it was a late add. Held off on getting the organza plaid skirt for the peach one as well. :-( Just know there are others suffering with you on not being able to purchase these pieces!



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