Coming back really soon! (back surgery update)

I had spine surgery on March 15th to repair a busted disc that was pressing on a nerve in my spine (apparently it had been damaged for so long that it had calcified and was difficult to remove, which made the surgery harder and much longer than expected).

Recovery has been a long and interesting road, so far.  Somehow both worse and not as bad as I had expected.  It's kinda bizarre to no longer have the constant burning lower back pain that I've had for decades!  I had a couple of fairly serious accidents in my teens that lead to chronic pain that nobody took very seriously, including my parents.  So, it actually took having nerve damage in my leg to lead a doctor to look at my spine via MRI for the first time in my life.  The results showed the reason for my left leg pain, but did not show a reason in my spine for my right leg pain.

I had to see a couple of neurosurgeons before I decided to just go with the surgeon who did my brain tumor resection in 2013 (he's amazing, I should have gone to him first anyway). 
One surgeon that I had spoken to assured me that the back pain wouldn't go away, but that the surgery might fix my leg pain (overall he didn't think that I needed surgery and that my back would just heal itself with more physical therapy and back injections--to his credit, nobody knew how bad it was until they were in there, and doctors seem to think that everyone is stupid who doesn't work in their system). 

I don't regret getting this surgery at all. 
I kinda wish that I had doctors believe how bad it was before, actually!  It could have been an easier surgery and an easier recovery.  But, as a lot of fat babes can relate, I was constantly told that I just needed to lose weight, exercise more and it would magically disappear. 

So, I'm slowly getting back to doing the stuff I love again. 

I've already started to shoot some photos for upcoming posts that I am working on, right now... especially a corset brand review that I am slowly finishing (shoots have been a bit harder to do as I've been healing, but the outcomes have been beautiful). 

And I've been contacted by some brands I've never heard of before and am really excited to share my experiences with them, as well.

As always... I want to thank you so much for your support! 
Style or Else has gotten some record breaking hits in 2016... and it makes me really happy to meet some (new to me) bloggers too. 

Onwards and upwards.
Sometimes life slows us down... but, as long as we keep striving, we can keep accomplishing lovely things. 



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