Mega Curvy Hourglass Corsets [Timeless Trends Corset Review]

I am so freaking excited to tell you about these curvy hourglass corsets from Timeless Trends! 
But, first, if you want a lot of information about corsetry (from types and how to measure yourself and the basics of choosing a size) check out my previous blog here, because I am about to give you a bunch of new information about what makes these corsets different and special and it would help if you have the basics down. 

Here is a rundown of the goodies you will see in this blog:


Purple Iridescent Hourglass Corset
Emerald Long Hourglass Corset

Dresses and Mask

Sabrina Maxi (purple and blue)
Eternity Wrap Maxi (black)
Floor Length Matte Navy Sequin Gown (custom sized/length)
Black Laser cut Mask with rhinestones

Both of these corsets I'm modeling in this blog are new extra curvy hourglass patterns from Timeless Trends (in collaboration with Lucy Corsetry, who is an amazing corset blogger).  Timeless Trends is based out of Austin Texas and has been around since 1995.  They started with a very basic conical shaped corset.  As interest in corsetry has expanded significantly in the last ten years their brand has also expanded to meet the demands of customers and trends... and what we want is MORE CURVY!!

I want to take a little moment to say how much I love Timeless Trends for working with a range of diverse models.  When I spoke with Jolene and Sarah over the phone I had to gush at them about the fact that they are one of the only corset brands out there that uses fat models in their product shots.  As a fat woman it means a lot to me to be able to see what a corset looks like on a fat body.  It shouldn't feel revolutionary, but it truly is. 

But, I digress...

What makes these hourglass corsets unique are a few of the design elements.  Lucy and Sarah actually flew out to the manufacturer and modified the patterns last year, so these styles are very new.  The result is amazing and these corsets offer some design details that you would normally only see in high end custom bespoke corsetry (like SparkleWren and Elektra Designs).  One massively important element is the comfort level.  These corsets are amazingly comfortable and will also cinch you in smaller than other ready-to-wear corsets currently on the market.  The reason is in the way the corset cups the ribcage and the hips.  The curve isn't just isolated to the sides of the corset (like my beloved CS-426 by Orchard Corset) but instead actually wraps around the corset creating a completely curvy shape with a more dramatically cinched in waistline, cupped ribcage and hipspring. 
The cupped ribcage makes it easy to breath and move in your corset compared to corsets that have a flat front over the ribs.  It also means that you will be able to size down 1-2 sizes from what you are used to wearing in other corsets.  I normally wear a size 40 or 42 in Orchard Corset and was able to very comfortably wear a size 38 in these Timeless Trends hourglass corsets. 

What is best of all is that all of their corsets come with a lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns
They stand by the quality of their products and want you to be happy with your purchase.
Their customer service is fantastic.  They are happy to help you figure out which corset length and size is best for you, so go ahead and email them or give them a call if you need any help. 

The two corsets I'm wearing in this blog are the two models of curvy hourglass corset that Timeless Trends offers.  They come in a variety of colors and fabrics (including cotton: which is truly more ideal for shapewear and waist training).  The fabrics are all laminated which makes them incredibly smooth and sleek compared to other corsets on the market.  I normally go with black cotton or brocade so I decided to challenge myself and try brilliant colors and check out their luxurious fabrics. 

These corsets do not have modesty panels in the back, but they do have a modesty flap in the front under the busk to cover the space between the sides.   If you intend to waist train in these you will absolutely need to wear something underneath them to protect them from your body oils (a fitted cotton blend cami works great) and to protect your skin from the laces.

Purple Iridescent Hourglass Corset

The Purple Iridescent corset that I am modeling is their standard length.  It is going to be ideal for shorter bodies and shorter torso lengths, though I found that it was really comfortable on my extra long torso when worn over dresses.  I found this shape to have a more dramatic straight line flare from the waist outwards to the hips and underbust.  It still cups the hips and ribcage, but not as much as the longline hourglass model.   The laces on this specific corset are a thick durable smooth (almost shoelace-like) material.  The only thing I had an issue with was that the laces were not long enough to accommodate the body sizes that this corset will fit.  It really needs longer laces!  That's something I am going to let them know so that they can hopefully fix (or at least maybe offer to change out the laces for larger sized bodies). 
The purple iridescent taffeta is actually a magenta and purple cross blend.  That means that it's going to be different colors in different lighting conditions and at different angles.  The iridescent corsets really add to the drama of your shapes by highlighting and contouring your waist with the changing colors in the light.  They have this iridescent taffeta in a variety of sumptuous shades. 

   You can see the corset in natural overcast light (which is more blue and enhances the violet in the fabric).  In the headder image the corset is being lit by incandescent studio lighting (which brought out the magenta).  These are all photos of the same corset.

Emerald Long Hourglass Corset

The Green Brocade/Satin corset is their longline length and it has hip ties that can be let out for those of you who are more pear shaped or bottom heavy.  The length is also ideal for taller bodies and longer torso lengths.  The laces on this corset are a green satin.  It had plenty of lacing for my body size (and even someone with a few extra inches could easily get into and cinch this one up).  I found that for tightlacing I do prefer the type of shoelace lacing from the standard length hourglass corset I got, but for aesthetic/fashion reasons and wearing the corset as outerwear I prefer the satin laces. 
The mix of fabrics is absolutely beautiful (even moreso in person).  The satin is shiny and the brocade has a beautiful pearly green with a pale metallic gold.  They have this same striped style in other colors, as well (a gorgeous red and black that I really like a lot). 

These photos are taken in indirect light on a sunny day and the studio shots were taken with incandescent lighting.


  1. I totally hear you on using plus models in corsetry! Its one of the biggest reasons I got into corsetry was to show the world its for ALL bodies. <3

  2. Thank you so much for you post! As a retailer, I've been struggling trying to decide which off the rack corsetry company to go with for my boutique. This is definitely a solid check mark in the Timeless Trends column!

  3. Corsets are helpful in minimise the figures of women and give some women shape that they may never be able to achieve naturally.
    Cheap Corsets

  4. @Hazel Smith, cheap corsets don't do a thing for a woman's shape. Your link is nothing but craptastic fashion corsets. They're a "cheap" way to throw your money in the trash.

    I've bought fashion corsets before & never failed to regret it. They wont even support a larger body, let alone shape one. They're uncomfortable & pointless. Unless you just need a costume for an event & plan to wear a real corset under it.

    I have a Timeless Trends corset. Its one of the old models, long line hourglass in black cashmere. I've worn the snot out of it for the last year at an 8-10inch waist reduction. Let me say it deserves its lifetime warrenty & never underestimate the breathing power of fine wool.

    The design of the corset I have did have a flaw. The brought the top in rather then let it flare in hopes of holding in muffin but it really just made muffins worse. My understanding is they've fixed that. Beyond that issue, its held up beautifully.

    I can only assume the person writing this blog hasn't seasoned the corsets she's showing off yet because I get a Far curvier shape in mine. It also looks like she may be wearing it a bit high.

    An issue I have with ever of the rack corset because longline isn't long enough for my body. So its either let it slide up a bit or get a bulge under my breasts. Which isn't a problem with the corset design, its the reality of having a longer torso than the majority of corset customers.

    In any case, I can't afford a custom & I'm very excited about the new design.
    As broke as I am, I'd never throw my money away on the trash posted above.

  5. It is so hard to find the perfect corset to wear since everyone has a different body shape.

  6. I know, I’m overweight and I’m following some workouts and diet plans now. While I’m doing them I wear right size of corset by measuring my waist and pick up corresponding corsets. I always make sure that my bust and hip measurement falls in proportion to right size of corsets.
    Best waist cincher

  7. You've styled all those pieces really beautifully - I'm not sure I'd have given the navy dress a second look on a hanger but it looks great on you!latest...

  8. Perfect post! Don't be afraid that you are fat, even though, you can also be beautiful if you choose to wear waist trainer.

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