Cute and Comfortable Jersey Dresses

Tie Neck Cotton Knit Dress
Custom Sized
Royal Blue

Vintage Style Cotton Knit Dress
Custom Sized with Cap Sleeves
Dark Purple

Above links will take you to the current color selections in these styles (if style is still available).

I am absolutely in love with the various options of sturdy, comfortable, easy wearing, machine washable jersey dresses that eShakti releases.  The selection of colors and style varies regularly (both of these dresses are available, but not in these colors).  You have to keep checking back on the site every couple of weeks because new items are available every day.  Items go out of stock and come back into stock with no warning.  The mid-weight jersey is thick enough for Fall and Winter but also comfortable enough for Spring and Summer.  I'm earnestly tired of paying a lot for very thin jersey.  I want my jersey to have a bit of structure. 

The great thing about these dresses is that they can be customized as far as length of the dress and sleeves, and in my case I was able to customize the torso proportions (high point shoulder to waist, bust to waist, etc).   These new pattern customizations are new to eShakti and they are still working some bugs out. 

If you have a very unique body type you might want to request doing a "TEST FIT" before ordering.  They can explain what that means when you ask. 
If their standard sizes or customization has worked for you easily in the past, you won't do any better by requesting a Test Fit.  But, if you've had to return a lot of items or you have kept pieces where they've been a bit "off", it's the best way to ensure that they get your proportions correct. 

Click Here to check out their current range of cotton jersey dresses (this link should always work and show you the current styles).

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