A Little Lovesick Jersey Sundress

(almost sold out)
Surplice Wrap Dress
Size 4

(black is no longer available)
I purchased this had last year and have used it at the beach, pool and out nature walking wearing it. 
It is awesome for pale babes because it blocks the sun from your head and shoulders with the extra wide brim.  It is still available in other awesome colors!  Yellow, Brown, Hot Pink, Blue, White and "Natural".

Studded Wedges from Torrid  Size 12

Shorts (Unseen)
Danskin 7" Bike Shorts

I had been sharing my super sexy summer look in a few fashion groups and plus babes asked me where I got my hat and my dress!  The hat quickly sold out when I started blogging it last Summer (and suddenly I was seeing it everywhere... which is awesome).  The dress also sold out lightning fast in the last week. 
I had mentioned, before, in my intro to Lovesick blog that if you see something you like you gotta get it FAST because once their stuff (which is in limited quantities) sells out, it's gone-gone-GONE!  *cries*

You can't see that I am actually wearing some shorts under the dress.  It looks dangerously short because I am like 6'2 and my legs kinda go all over the place when I'm in a tiny dress, like this.  I love Danskin shorts because they are comfy, absorbent (is that called "moisture wicking" now?) and they keep my thighs apart without being all swishy with too much spandex.  Highly recommend them. 

These killer black wedges are also a little older from Torrid, but there are some really cute similar ones that don't have the little black studs all over the place. 


  1. great blog about beauty and lovely accesseroies you have shared, i like these eye frames so much, keep updating more with amazing stuff, thanks for sharing with this.



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