Lovesick in Pink Lace

If you haven't heard about Lovesick, yet, check out this post that will tell you everything you need to know about this great new brand.

I really don't own nearly enough nudey pinky fleshy toned clothing!  I love bold brilliant royal blues, teals, rich purples, vibrant reds... but, I tend to steer clear of the soft stuff.  Hopefully I can push myself out of my comfort zone and try to wear more femme styles.  And, really, what is more femme than a pale rose lace short little sassy dress!?

As always, I am like 6'2... so clothes are just going to fit me a lot shorter than you.  When I stand all the way up (and am not laughing at something dumb I said) this dress sits about 3" above my knees.  That is fairly standard for cute short dresses on me, to be honest.  Junior's styles tend to be shorter, anyway.  So, if you are a shorter babe I think this style will hit you much lower than it does on me. 
This pretty little pink lace dress is really light, airy and comfortable.  No stretch at all (I'm wearing the 4X).  I had tried on the 3, and it did fit... I just liked the way the 4 sat better (the pleats in the skirt weren't straining in the 4).  [WARNING: ALMOST SOLD OUT]

The dress is lined (obviously) in the same shade of pink, but also very sheer.  When I originally had tried this on I was wearing a black bra and shorts under my maxi dress, that day.  You could see both clearly through the lace and lining.

Quick fix:  nude strapless convertible bra and nude panties.  No more peepshow problems!

This dress would be precious paired with a cute pair of pastel leggings, a light cotton bolero and a cutie belt, for babes who love to wear light layers. 

What I super love about this dress is that the spaghetti straps are lingerie style and adjustable.  That is great for plus babes of all sizes because it means that you can raise or drop the straps as needed.  I have an extra long torso, so I am all about any product that lets me adjust the top to suit my bod.  The back has a really cute V, too!  So, it plunges a little bit without showing off too much (and you can adjust the straps if it uncovers your bra strap). 

Be sure to get it before it goes away (it won't be back).  Its also available in ivory on the site in more sizes than it is available in pink!

While we were out on this mini hike... I stopped a horse right in its tracks.  It wanted to come see me soooo bad.  I wanted it to come see me, too!  But, the rider just wanted to be on her way... so, horsey friend reluctantly went down the trail... but, paused to look longingly back at me before leaving.  *sigh*  I LOVE YOU HORSEY!!! 

I'm hoping that as we figure out the issues with the nerves in my leg (and get them fixed as well as they can be) we will be able to take some longer hikes to pretty locations, again.  After a year of not being able to get out into real nature... I'm longing for some time on a trail with my camera (and maybe a cute outfit in my bag for a spontaneous nature blog shoot).  A gal has to have goals! 


  1. This is quite a bold move to do a photoshoot and looking so great in the outfit for plus size individuals. Really amazing and inspiring.



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