Lovesick Off Shoulder Dress

Lovesick Textured Stripe Skater Dress
Size 4

Sueded Red Bow Wedges
Size 12

Malco Modes Meghan in Red 
Size XL

Style and Co. (Not Available - Similar)

Multi-Way Bra (Nude)
Finally found a strapless/convertible bra that fits and is really lightweight and comfortable!

Hair Flower
DIYed  (Similar)

I am absolutely loving the inexpensive simple dresses you can get at Lovesick!  This basic black off-the-shoulder bandage style skater dress is really light, comfortable and like a blank canvas for you to style with your personal sensibilities.  I had planned to style it a few ways to show you how versatile it really is... but, I've recently gotten a bit busy with my backlog of outfits to blog and I am trying to catch up. 

Obviously I like a little bit of retro mixed into my style, so I livened the black up with black accents from head to toe.  Red lips, red mini flowers in my hair, red belt (not for cinching, just for color), red shoes and red purse. 

This dress is very lightweight despite the appearance of it being thick.  It's got a bit of stretch (not a lot, though).  The skirt has a slight flare and isn't too flouncy.  For ladies that love leggings, this dress would be a perfect option, for you.  It is also available in RED.  The red is very bold (I saw it in person).

These shoes are my new favorite shoes!  They are super comfortable, flashy and cuuuuutie. 
The ankle strap has some stretch and they are wide enough for wide feet.  My leg has been struggling with flats, lately, so wedges have been easier to get around in.  These make me MEGA TALL, and I looove that too. 


  1. You're absolutely gorgeous! Don't let anyone make you feel down because of how you look. Keep on rocking and I love your dressing sense girl!



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