LUSH Rosie Gift Set

I got this gorgeous gift box for my birthday last month.  The box was wrapped so beautifully and it smelled so amazing that I actually spent a week just pulling it onto the bed, hugging it and smelling it.  The whole box gives off the scent of warm sweet summer roses in the sunshine.  Not an old dusty musky powdery overwhelming rose scent... but light, playful, vibrant and clean rose scent.  The type of rose scent that I think of when I say "I really like warm summer rose garden scents".   

The promise of opening it and being happy with the treats inside inspired me to delay gratification.  I kinda decided that I wanted to wait to open it until I was having a challenging or bad day... that way there would be something wonderful waiting for me no matter what is going on in life.  It sounds superficial, I know... but having something joyful to look forward to is kinda the best medicine in the world!  

Today is the day

The wrapping paper is bright and whimsical with roses, dragonflies and humming birds.  The paper has metallic foil purple and turquoise blue accents which make it fancy with the subtle flashes of color. The paper itself is thick (it won't easily tear like inexpensive papers can).  This truly looks, feels and smells like a very famcy little gift to give or receive.

(skip if you don't want to read about me and my feels and want to get right to what is in the box)
I've been overdoing it a bit, lately (which is not overdoing it by anyone else's standards, really).  Yesterday I woke up and as soon as my foot touched the ground it felt like the bones were all broken or something (nerve pain is bizarre)... I had a very hard time sleeping last night because the pain kept me up.I got about four hours of sleep.  I had a difficult morning and restarted physical therapy, today.  I've been swimming and walking... but physical therapy tends to activate my pain more acutely and make it harder to function. I really like the therapist I worked with today.  She's spunky and she listens.  She gave good advice and was very fun but also no bullshit (I love that).  I still came home hurting like hell... but I knew I had this pretty box waiting for me. 

It is time to open Rosie up!
[Link to shop Rosie]

Inside are five LUSH products that I haven't tried before, all with rose ingredients to match the Rosie themed gift. Since I haven't had a chance to test them out, yet, I will update this post later and add reviews under each item. 
The common thread throughout the set is rose, obviously.  Each of these products have a rose absolute and lemon fragrance (lemon adds a sweet high note to the rose scent which evokes that sweet summer rose garden memory in my mind), except for Ultrabalm (which is made with rose wax and has a very subtle odor but does not have any fragrance added) and Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb (which is rose, lemon and jasmine scented).

Rose Jam Shower Gel 
I've been dying to try Rose Jam Shower Gel for years, now!  It's usually only available during Christmas time and is ultra limited edition (like the rose soap from Valentine's Day, this year, that I wish were also year-round).  So, right now, the only place you can buy a fresh batch of Rose Jam is in the Rosie gift box.  LUSH gets their Rose Jam scented oil from Turkey once a year, so Rose Jam products are notoriously hard to get your hands on and therby highly coveted (they sell out fast). 


This is the only product in the box that doesn't have a rose scent.  In fact, it only has three ingredients (which make it really awesome, in my book).  Jojoba oil, Candililla Wax and Rose Wax. 
It is a simple and effective little balm that can be used for multiple purposes.  I am using it as a lip balm and to hydrate and protect my scars.  Many people swear by this balm for new tattoos, as well. 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner  I've got hypersensitive skin that is prone to dryness.  I've heard great things about this product!  You're supposed to use it like hair conditioner (but on your skin, instead).  Since my hair and skin both need extra moisture, I might do what I do with conditioner and use a little bit after my shower to add a little boost of moisture (instead of rinsing it all away). 
I'll tell you how that goes after I try it out a few times!

(these last two are the reason the whole wrapped box smells so beautiful)

Bubble bars and Bubbleroons always look so pretty and exciting in the store!  But, I never ever buy myself any.  A friend sent me a bubble bar a few years back.  I loved the moisture and bubbly goodness that they mix into their bath bomb formula.  Around Valentine's Day the Rose Jam Bubbleroon came back into stores (and quickly sold out).  My local LUSH struggles hard to keep them in stock!
I think I might break this into four pieces and attempt to prolong the magic.  It's so sparkly and smells amazing!

Smells lovely!  The added jasmine makes this much more deep and seductive.
I don't buy myself Bath Bombs when I go into LUSH, so it is always wonderful to get them as a gift!  I adore using them but never get them for myself (I'm a total junkie for their soaps).  
Each of these heart shaped bombs is made with seven dried rosebuds that are all telling me that I am going to be experiencing a fancy princess bath sometime in the near future!

Best of all:  These products are fresh, handmade by real people and LUSH includes the employee's name, the date the product was made and the expiration date for each product.


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