Torrid's New Little Sister is Lovesick!

LOVESICK - West Covina, California

Have you heard of Lovesick, yet?
I got an email from Torrid, recently, asking me to come down and check out their new little sister brand Lovesick's store in the West Covina Mall.  I was really excited about the opportunity to see the styles, quality and concept in person so we headed up to the mall over Memorial Day weekend.  I tried on lots of pieces and absolutely fell in love with the mixture of style options throughout the store.  While I was in there they had a lot of festival and boho styles.  But, in the back they had a variety of trendy, retro/modern and everyday wear dresses that would look amazing on a vairety of body types. 

About Lovesick:
The brand is a made in the USA junior plus line that is geared towards babes on a budget.  Their prices fall between Forever 21 and Torrid.  With everything made in the USA it's quite surprising that they've managed to make a strictly plus size brand so affordable!  Who doesn't love bargains?  Inexpensive cute trendy fun fashion is hard to come by in plus size. 

The quality is a lot better than Forever 21, and the sizes go up to 5X (online) and 4X (in store)...which is nice for those of us who don't quite fit the 3X in everything at Forever 21.
Lovesick's quality isn't as good as Torrid.  But, that's why the dresses cost less.  They do cost a little more than Forever 21, but unlike Forever 21everything at Lovesick is made in the USA (which is important for our economy and stimulating domestic jobs in the fashion industry).
I'm personally between a 3 and 4 in Torrid.
I found that I'm between a 4 and 5 in Lovesick, so you're going to definitely want to size up (especially if you're a bigger babe, like me).

Their product line updates faster than Torrid, so if you see something you like you better snag it before it sells out!

The super cute, fashionable and enthusiastic clerk explained everything about the differences between Torrid and Lovesick.  Apparently Lovesick gets more New arrivals (and *lots* of them) compared to Torrid who focuses more on the season.  Lovesick is fast fashion.  So, they get entire floor presentations really frequently and once pieces are gone they won't be coming back (if you love it: get it while you can!).

Just like earning Torrid's Haute Cash, you can earn Lovesick Love Notes to use at a future date.  Spend $50 and get $25 off $50 in Love Notes!
As of Memorial Day Weekend Lovesick didn't have a Insider or Affiliate program, just yet (but I'm sure they'll add one as the brand grows in the coming year).

Best of all: Feminism and Giving Back are BEAUTIFUL!
Lovesick donates 1% of their profits to Because I'm a Girl, a charity that focuses on helping girls in developing countries get an education (62 million girls aren't in school, and they want to help change that).  You're also given the opportunity to round up your purchase to the next dollar to donate directly to Because I'm a Girl.So you can wear fun clothes and feel great about the ethical decision to buy USA made products that help girls get an education.

A sweet little self love section!  Candles, Body Love books and coloring supplies.  Super sweet. 
I'll be posting some mega cute looks from Lovesick in the month of June.

Have you tried out Lovesick yet?
Let me know your tips and experiences in the comments!


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