An Entire Outfit for under $40.

The sun decided that my hair was made of lava, that morninght.

Ribbed Tank Top
Really Royal Blue

White Party Midi Skirt

Brown Ballet Flats (painted: Tutorial)

I've had a few requests: 

First request: Show more of my everyday style on my blog.  I share a lot of special occasion clothing, so I am going to work on showing more of my puffy faced "Going somewhere, throw something cute on" looks, too. 

Second request:  Affordable fashion!  I am going to start putting together cute outfits out there for under $50. Separates rock because you can always mix up the pieces. 

Third request:  More DIY tutorials on how to punch up your fashion and bring your look to another level of awesomeness!

This look pretty much includes all three requests.  You have the customized clearance Payless shoes (remember to check the tutorial, patent leather will not work for this project) in sapphire blue (which look really dark in the photo below because they're in shadow.  They match the top much more beautifully in full light). 

The tank top was only $4 and has just enough spandex in it that it keeps its shape all day.  They do start looking a bit ragged after a few washes, but they are great brand new and under summer jersey dresses.

The skirt is super airy, light and cute.  The lacey white overlay has a raw edge.  Despite the light colors, I am wearing black shorts underneath and you can't tell through the skirt.  I also snagged this during a Buy 1 Get 1 Free in store Clearance sale (so I snagged a super cute little dusty rose lace skirt that I will blog later). So, technically I got two skirts for $15.99.  But, even if you don't get it on mega sale... it's a great skirt for only $16 and looks cute with a blazer or dressed up with a nicer top.  It is stylish and also versatile.


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