Relationship Goals: Couples Who Shave Together...

The Dollar Shave Club went insane and sent me a box full of almost every product they offer (the only products that we won't be reviewing are the styling products--but we still might do that in another blog later on)!
Rex [watching me unload the clown car of products] "WHOA!  So, like, I'm going to have to groom a lot now, aren't I?" 
Vivi "My armpits and legs are going to feel really weird all naked!"

The fun retro packaging is color coded! 
Purple:  Bathing
Blue:  Shaving
Orange: Moisturizing
Really, the entire DSC line is gender neutral.  The biggest question I see women asking online is "Will this make me smell like a dude?"  The answer is: No. The products are either scent-free or have nice neutral fresh scents (that doesn't smell cheap or overpowering).  Overall I would honestly say that this entire line is appropriate for all ages, too.  Your teenager would enjoy it as much as your husband and father. 
These products aren't going to make your perfume change much, either.

About Us:

This is going to be our first ever couple blog post (hopefully not our last).  We've been together for coming on 15 years.  I know, I know... you're looking at me like I'm insane, right now because how many people in their 30s say they've been married for this long? 
Probably some other people who are massively codependent. 
I don't know. 
We're a weird couple.  We share everything

When we are low on clean laundry, we wear each others underwear.  It isn't even a kinky thing for us (it's cool if it's a kinky thing for you, though, not going to deny you the titillating mental image of us swapping panties).  Oddly, we wear the same size shoes, hats and underwear.  Our hands are even the same size.  We also have the same blood type (RELATIONSHIP GOALS, I know... I actually find myself unknowingly more attracted to people who have my blood type.  Probably because deep down I know that I can use them if I ever need a transfusion or an organ).
We share the same shampoo and conditioner.  We have one razor (and it's a girly plastic Venus one, and really old).  When his deodorant runs out, he uses mine.  When my deodorant runs out (or I'm bored with it) I use his.

The more I realize that we tend to share everything when products start to run low, for us... the more I am asking myself "Why do we bother buying separate products anyway?".  Like, "Why does my razor need to be femme looking and cost us more money?".  The battle for counter and shower space is a reality in any household. 
The real challenge is: Can we share the same core products and both feel truly clean, well groomed and satisfied?  And, that's what this blog is pretty much all about!  We are both going to be using all of the products offered at The Dollar Shave Club and sharing our opinions and observations about the quality, scent and if we enjoyed using them.  This all happened over the course of one month.  We both felt like if we used everything all at once we wouldn't be able to get a real sense of what we liked about anything.  It would be like pouring it all onto a tarp and rolling around... it would be exhilarating, sure... but probably not super useful if you are reading this hoping to get anything out of it.  

About our shaving personality types:

I don't care if I grow hair on my legs or armpits.  I will let it grow out until it gets uncomfortable or until I really need a good exfoliation (shaving exfoliates my legs better than anything else).  My hair is all really clear and fine.  Plus, I'm just not really into the pressure of hairlessness that my friends were freaked out about when we all hit puberty.  I use Rex's face/body trimmer to trim.  But, sometimes I really love the feeling of fresh closely shaved legs against clean sheets. 

I have been using an electric waterproof face/body trimmer for the last four years.  When Vivi and I met I was using some cheap disposable twin blade razors. She introduced me to her Venus and we started sharing that (I'm not hung up on needing a manly looking razor).  Then I read about a waterproof electric trimmer and started using that.  I shave maybe once or twice a week and I started this review with a lot of hair to clean up around my goatee.

Let's get started by sharing our personal WILL GET AGAIN favorite products from the line. 
Everything we used was awesome (except for one product that we both hated). Here is what we each love most:

The Executive Razor
Dr. Carver's Shave Butter

Dr. Carver's Miracle Repair Serum
Wanderer Citrus Hawaiian Ginger Daily Face Cleanser
Lathering Shower Cloth

Wanderer Awakening Mint and Cedarwood Body Bar
Wanderer Calming Amber and Lavender Body Cleanser


The Executive Razor (six blades!) is awesome and a customer favorite on the site... it's probably the reason you're reading this, really.  They send you a handle and a cartridge of blades to use and you can adjust how often you receive replacements depending on how often you shave.  We used the cartridge to separate our blades (mine is the top, his is the second, and we have two more fresh replacements under those).

Vivi:  What you cannot tell from looking at this razor online is that it is made of metal!  It's well balanced like a high quality chef knife and has grip points in all the right spots so that it won't slip when you use it. 

Rex:  It's a great razor.  I agree that I really like the weight of it.  You get a smooth, fast very close shave with it.  You're normally taught that you should trim hair down before razor shaving, but I shaved off some rather long hair and it was pretty effortless when using the Shave Butter.

V:  Yeah, that Shave Butter is great!  I love it a lot.  But, we'll get into more detail about that later.  I want to show them the awesome shave you got with it. For me it doesn't look nearly as impressive because my leg hair isn't as wiry as your facial hair.

R:  You're going to share topless photos of me on the internet again, aren't you?

V:  Yeah.

R:  Hello, ladies!

V:  See, look at this romantic image of my seemingly bare leg getting a probably fake shave!  This is pretty much the exact type of image that women hate seeing for shaving products.  We want to see you shave a terrier... not a bare leg (despite the fact that I have at least half and inch of ultra fine hair covering my leg, here).   Really not as impressive at showing how awesome the razor is (but total proof that I do use it). 

R: You're pretty hairless. 

V:  I feel like the "Before and After: Dollar Shave Club" shots look better on you.  You aren't quite terrier hairy... but, look at how sharp you look after a fresh close shave!!!  Dramatic.

Hobo to Hipster!


So can I talk about the Shave Butter, now? 

V:  Yeah.  Let's talk about both the Shave Butter and the Shave Lather.  I know that we both loved the one and hated the other. 

R:  The Shave Lather is awful.  I don't know if I used too much or what, but it is a terrible product!  It gets stuck in the razor and doesn't rinse off.  I could only get through a quarter of a stroke before the razor was caked and I had to spend 20-30 seconds just rinsing the razor.  Not only that, but because I was raking the razor over my face over and over again wrestling with the lather... I ended up with a ton of ingrown hairs! 

V:  Yeah, I was in the hospital and you came over and it looked like your neck had been stung by 20 bees!  You haven't had that many ingrown hairs since that time back in 2004 when you let me individually pluck like 1/4 of your facial hair and it was just disgusting afterwards. 

R:  I don't let you do sadistic shit like that to me anymore!  That sucked.  That was painful and horrible. 

V:  BUT IT WAS SOOOO COOL!  Thick facial hair follicles have the fattest juiciest little roots. 

R:  Psycho. 

V:  I Love you!  <3   ...  We used the Shave Lather for the main image for this blog.  I didn't actually realize that it had like menthol or whatever in it.  OMG!  It didn't just tingle it kinda burned.  But... I did find out that it is a crazy amazing makeup remover.  Like, one swipe and gone... even my long wear lipstick just wiped off like nothing!  Too bad it is irritating and can't be used around my eyes because I bet it could remove my most bulletproof liners. 

R:  Yeah, it was impressive how easily it dissolved your makeup.  But, the Shave Butter is great!  I really like that stuff. 

V:  It's like a moisture stripe in a bottle!  Fragrance free and non-irritating.  I used it on my legs and a little went a really long way.  The razor plus the Shave Butter are the best shave products they offer, for sure!  You'd think that it would be harder to remove, too, but it really isn't.  It also doesn't dry out mid-shave.  Legs are way bigger than faces and I have had shave cream or gel dry up by the time I got to my knees.  This stuff doesn't do that!

R:  I will definitely get the Butter again.  But, I can honestly say that I hate the Shave Lather.  Other products in the line are great products that just aren't for me personally... that Shave Lather is awful.


V:  Did you use the Dr. Carver's Repair Serum and the Post Shave Cream?  Because, you already know how I feel about that Serum!!!  OMG! 

R:  I did.  I used both.  Honestly, I didn't really love either of them.  They aren't bad products... I just don't really like to use aftershave products very much.  I don't like lotions on my face.

V:  That Serum is pretty much a high end exfoliator!  When I read that the ingredients have Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Lactic), Salicylic Acid... and super age fighting ingredients like Blueberry Extract (B Vitamins!), White Tea Extract (antioxidants) and Solomon's Seal (anti-inflammatory) I WAS SO STOKED!  And, it did not disappoint me at all.  I've been using it on my arms, chest, legs and face (avoiding the eye area) for a month and I loooove it.  It breaks down and soothes my eczema on my arms and dissolves the crusty dry skin around my nose and the sides of my mouth.  It is also really soothing and reduces the redness in my fair skin.  It's the best! I want everyone to know.

R:  I wasn't that crazy about it.  I used it along with the Shave Lather and still got all of those ingrown hairs. 

V:  I think that was more the Lather's fault and the shaving technique you had to use to bypass the issues with the lather.  Though, the serum does claim to prevent those issues... I think that maybe the two together didn't work out for you.
I honestly didn't like the aftershave lotion.  It was the only product that I used that I didn't really dig the smell (too strong) and it reminded me of something my Grandpa would use.  I guess it moisturized my legs... but, I didn't really die over it the way I did with the serum. 

R:  The aftershave lotion is alright.  I didn't hate it.  I just don't really have any use for it. 

WANDERER:  Cleansing Products

Bodywash and Bar Soap

V:  Okay, let's talk about some of your favorite products (and mine, too) the body cleansers and such.  You really really love the body wash and the soap. 

R:  YES!  Those are great.  I use that bar soap every day because we put it by the sink.  It has a really nice scent and lathers up really nicely.  It feels clean.  And the body wash is great too.  I was in the hospital with you for two days when you had your surgery.  I had taken a shower with the body wash before we left and still smelled rather fresh!  I would definitely get that one again.  And, it says that it's Lavender scented but it isn't super floral or strong.  It's clean and mild. 

V:  We have the Cedarwood and Mint in the bar soap.  That scent comes in the body wash as well.

R:  Oh, I like that one a lot, too!

V:  Remember how I was saying that we would come home and it smelled like a freshly cleaned hamster cage... but I couldn't figure out why?  It's the cedarwood!  Like.  Not strong or weird... just a nice fresh woody scent. 

R:  Yeah!  It's not sandalwoody or patchouli hippy scented, it's just clean and nice. 

V:  I used the body wash and like it a lot, too.  I used it as a bubble bath and it has a great foam and scent.  Not at all masculine... just fresh and clean.  The bar soap too!  Very light and natural.  I really like the bar soap because a little goes a very long way.  Like, we've been using that one bar by the sink and I've been using it in the bath and it's only half gone after a month of non-stop use.  That's way better than the LUSH soaps we've been using.

Lathering Shower Cloth

V: Did you try the scrubby cloth that came with the bath products?!  It's made of Jute.

R:  NO!  ... I don't want to touch it.  I think I might have something against Jute.  I... don't want to talk about it. 

V:  Apparently a lot of people really don't like it!  But, I *LOVE* it.  It's scrubby and really does lather up products better than just using a washcloth.  I actually used it with DSC products we got and then also used it with a LUSH soap (the figs and leaves soap) that I'd been meaning to try.  The LUSH soap didn't lather very well with the washcloth but it lathered up great with the Jute Shower Cloth!  It actually made me love the LUSH soap more.  I mostly use it with the Cedarwood soap from DSC, though. 
I found that it did leave a lot of little brown fibers all over the bottom of the tub after the first time I used it but was fine after.  It also had a weird planty scent that first time, too.  But, it has since softened up and I love it way more than any loofah sponge I've ever used.  I even use the short side on my face!
I love that it is two sided and works so well.  I would totally get that again. 

Face Wash

V:  The Citrus Hawaiian Ginger face wash is in my top five favorite products.  Did you use that one?

R:  No.  That's another one that I didn't really use because I don't really wash my face, like that. 

V:  I've been using this product pretty religiously.  It's very gentle but also really effective.  It doesn't strip my skin of moisture too badly.  I use it to wash off my makeup and it does a really great job.  I don't actually wash my face every day ... which some people would think is a massive no-no because we are constantly being told we need a skin care system to be more beautiful.  I think that we kinda get brainwashed into over-cleaning ourselves... which is a waste of water and time and just makes you buy more products faster.  I don't need all of that.  My skin regulates itself pretty well, anyway aside from being dry and needing some acid exfoliation. 
This tube is going to last me for months and months. I will absolutely get more when it is gone.

BIG CLOUD: Moisturizer, Hand Cream and Lip Balm

V: Did you use any of the Big Cloud products?  The orange packaging?

R:  I used the Wind Master Mint Leaf Lip Balm.  I didn't use the other two.  I don't like sunscreen.  I know you said that you want me to wear some, but I don't like how it feels.  And, I have the soft tender hands of a nerd so I don't need hand lotion.

V:  No.  That's true.  You have very soft hands.  Plus, I know that you hate it when your hands feel greasy and will wash off lotion after rubbing it into my back. 

R:  Yeah.  I don't like how it feels. 

V:  What did you think of the lip balm?  I know that you've been using Burt's Bees for as long as we've been together.  How does it compare?

R:  It's good.  I put it on when I needed some and didn't think about it anymore. 

V:  I like it too!  I don't think that it is as minty as Burts Bees, though. 

R:  Definitely not as minty. 

V:  Did you try the SPF lip balm? 

R:  Noooooo...

V:  I kinda hate it!  I don't like the taste of sunscreen in lip balm. 
I liked the actual SF 25 Sunscreen more than I thought that I was going to, though.  I have been using it on my chest and arms.  I tried to use it on my face but I found that it is *not* sweat-proof.  I started sweating and it started running down my face in the heat.  But, it doesn't itch or sting... which is a massive bonus because most sunscreen irritates my skin and makes it itch and sting. It has a ultra mild fragrance to it, as well.
The hand cream is also really good quality.  It isn't greasy and it really does soak in and make skin feel smooth and dry. It isn't actually the type of lotion I personally prefer for my hands, though.  I like to use a thicker buttery lotion on my hands.  But, it is the type of lotion I like to use on my legs.  I keep meaning to try it on my feet, too, to see if it moisturizes but keeps that dry feel in shoes.  I hate having slimy foot lotion feet in shoes. 


So, that's what we thought of the Dollar Shave Club. 

Needless to say the products are great quality and that serum is an awesome high end find at a great deal!  I love the retro style packaging and the scents.  We both really love the razor and the newest Wanderer line. 

Have you used any DSC products? 
Did you love or hate any of them?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. That was SOOOO entertaining and informative! ♡ definitely gonna check out DSC! muah, muah!

    1. Yaaay! I'm glad. That was totally the goal. Maybe I should start taking pictures of Rex in my dresses!

  2. That was SOOOO entertaining and informative! ♡ definitely gonna check out DSC! muah, muah!

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