SWAK Sabrina Maxi in Light Blue

Could you be the most beautiful maxi dress in the world!?  *swoon*  I've blogged this dress more than any other article of clothing and will keep blogging it in every color until I find a maxi dress that beats it.

Tall plus sized women rejoice:  You've found the maxi dress of your dreams!


Sabrina - Light Blue

 DIY - me

It's wedding season and plus size babes are eager to find the IT DRESS that will keep them cool, comfortable and looking like a million bucks.  The dress I recommend time after time is the Sabrina.  SWAK released the Sabrina in Light Blue (not quite yellow enough to be Tiffany Blue.  Not too pastel but not too bold, either).  This is the perfect dress for bridesmaids, family, friends and even the bride herself (bridal showers, honeymoons, reception dresses). 

Best of all... this dress looks expensive.  Whenever I wear it people think that I am going somewhere fancy (and I wear it to the pool, to do errands, to the store).  It immediately makes you look really polished and high end.  I once had a woman tell me that I looked like I was going to the Oscars!  heh. 

This dress is very very long.  I'm very tall so I absolutely love that it fits me perfectly.  Shorter babes might need to have it shortened... and I know that might be a little discouraging for some of you... but, it's WORTH IT.  You cannot easily add fabric, but you can easily have fabric removed.  Plus, if you are VERY short you can take all of that extra fabric and make something pretty to match your dress perfectly. 

I frequently size up on this dress.  Not because it is small... I could size down if I really wanted (lots of room without adding bulk to you midsection).  I like the extra flow and flutter I get when I size up.  All Sabrinas (and Farrahs) have side ties that help to cinch in your waist.   The spaghetti straps are adjustable.  The lingerie strap sliders are made of metal.  Let me repeat that:  MADE OF METAL!!!  Omg.  So, they are not going to snap on you and leave you with a fashion malfunction in the middle of an event. 

I wear shorts under my Sabrinas.  This one is more sheer than others (I wear wearing some polka dot panties when I tried it on and my husband could see the shadows of the polka dots through the fabric).  It was easily fixed with nude/beige colored panties.  You can't really see through the dress but the fabric is a light color and I don't recommend wearing dark or colored underwear or shorts underneath this one. 

I am wearing a nude strapless bra (which I am a massive fan of, now!  I cannot live without this bra in my life).  If you are more busty I also recommend this plunge bra.  I am wearing a black plunge bra with the black Sabrina below.  I find that the cut of that bra suits the dress perfectly. 

This dress is for those who aren't afraid to put 'the girls' and their chest real estate on display!  SWAK also has a wide range of more modest cut maxi dresses, as well.  I have a modest bust, so with the strapless convertible bra I find that it is just sexy enough.  Some ladies also love to wear the Sabrina with a cami underneath (you can do some really cute things with mixing colors that way). 

The best thing about this dress is that it is stretchy without looking like a big swimsuit.  So, you're going to have a lot of freedom of movement in this dress.  You can run, bend, twist, dance, swim, play, sit, lounge, stand and work in this dress and it will absolutely keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Sabrina is currently available in these three gorgeous colors (with more colors to come).  They sell out fast, so if you love it snag it before it is goooone! 

**If you love this dress and love patterns... I highly recommend the Farrah by SWAK Designs
The newest Red/Navy pattern is glorious!  It is the same style/cut as the Sabrina, but in beautiful prints instead of solid colors.  I'm really thirsty for Farrah. 


  1. I love everything about this dress. And the best part? It suits on both tall and short heighted people. Really good for formal events like parties and weddings.



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