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Back in August (just before my spine went all screwy leading to a second surgery in September that I'm still recovering from) the awesome folks over at contacted me about doing a review of their product quality and service. They have a growing range of glasses frames for prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.  They also offer transition lenses (clear lenses that tint in the sun) for a great price! I discuss the cost rundown of the glasses I'm wearing and hook you up with some coupon codes at the end of this blog.

*Note:  None of these links are affiliate links.  I was sent a free pair of glasses to review.  My opinions are my own.  At the end of the blog you can learn how you can get your first pair of glasses free!  

What a lot of you don't know is that I have been very nearsighted (with an astigmatism) since birth and have worn glasses since around age 3.  It has been a regular battle to find cute glasses because I'm very tall and have such a big head/face and require wide or extra wide frames just for regular wear.  Typically, my ophthalmologist would have maybe one to three pairs of femme glasses that fit me and then a wide range of men's glasses.  Every time I've gotten glasses, my lenses alone would cost about $200-800 (I require the hi index lenses because of my high prescription), even after insurance covered their part.   I had been very reluctant to order frames online because, without trying them on, I was certain that I wouldn't find glasses that fit my face... I was also afraid that the lenses I would get would somehow be inferior quality!  Boy was I wrong!  Sorry, eye doctor... you're no longer making hundreds of dollars off of one pair of glasses... but, my whole world just changed!  

In the last year I've been ordering from a variety of sites online (I have some more glasses blogs coming soon) and now have an impressive collection of about 13 pairs of prescription glasses in all sorts of colors and styles.  For what we paid for one pair (after insurance discounts, even, I've paid about $300-1,000 for one pair!) I now have a wardrobe of glasses that I can change depending on my outfit or mood.  If I could go back in time and tell little Vivi ONE thing... it would be "Someday you're going to have a special box that holds all of the beautiful and fun pairs of prescription you've ever dreamed of... and for the first time in your life you're going to get loads of compliments on your glasses instead of being bullied about them!"

I also wear torric contact lenses (but that's another blog for another time). 

I've had people recommend lasik surgery to me, but unfortunately my prescription is just outside the range for Lasik... plus, I've been wearing glasses my entire life and they've kinda become a part of who I am in my everyday life. Review

The glasses come in a cheap plastic case with a microfiber cleaning cloth.  The case is replaceable and honestly protects them during shipping more than anything else. 

When contacted me, they only really had one frame available in their "Wide Frames" filter that I liked at all.  The Hoboken Cat Eye Frames (available in Black/Red, Black/Clear and Tortoise).  The Black/Red are listed as just Red and I had been looking everywhere for a pair of red frames, so I ordered them thinking that they would be a clear dark garnet red acetate frame. 

When they arrived I realized that they were actually opaque black on the front of the frames with a clear garnet red acetate on the back of the frames.  The arms have a metallic red/black animal print on the inside with a solid opaque black on the outside. 
Despite them not being exactly what I had thought I was getting... I LOVED THEM!  The black is more versatile, anyway, and the red just added a fun little pop of bold color that isn't too much and only really shows from the top or sides.  I'm still on the hunt for an amazing pair of dark red clear acetate cat eye glasses.

I put them on and they ended up fitting so perfectly that they didn't need adjustments. 

My nails match my glasses!  My lipstick matches my dress (lipstick: ColourPop Calypso).

Without realizing it, I found myself not taking them off.  They've now become my everyday glasses. 
I wore them to the hospital when I had surgery.  I wear them at home and on days when I'm not coordinating my outfit with my glasses (which has been every day, lately, to be honest). I'd say that I currently have been wearing them 90% of the time since I got them. 

They are light!  Even with my large prescription, the balance is great and they don't put too much pressure anywhere on my face, ears or nose.  The weight is just evenly distributed, which makes them perfect to wear all the time.  I have other pairs that I looooove because they are cute AF, but they can only be worn for maybe 5-8 hours before leaving marks on my face, pulling on my skin thereby causing wrinkles, or where the pressure gets intense and starts to give me a headache.
Believe it or not, these are all pretty common issues I've had with glasses my entire life and I've only ever had one other pair of frames that were as comfortable as these are (and I wore those exclusively for about five years straight). 

Hoboken Sizing Info

The sizing printed on the frame doesn't exactly match the sizing on the site, but it's close enough that the fit works!

The size on these (printed on the arm of the frame) is 56-15-140  .  56mm is the lens width, 15mm is the nose width and 140mm is the length of the arms from frame face to behind the ear).  The site says that they are 57-16-141, but that is actually incorrect.  The printed sizing on the frame is correct.

I like these because the lens height is only 38mm, so they aren't too small or too tall.  I have really prominent cheekbones, so larger lenses only work if I have the nose pad style to push the lens away from my face.  Otherwise my cheeks smack into them when I smile or they rest very uncomfortably on my cheeks and start to fog up badly. 

I love that this cat eye style is actually more squared and angular.  I like rounded cat eye frames, too, but the angular cat eye adds a modern quality to a retro style shaped frame that I absolutely love.  They're bold without being too costume-y (I love costumey-y retro frames, too!  Don't get me wrong). Plus, I do love that when light hits them they have this gorgeous garnet red glow (if you aren't into that, I recommend the black/clear because the acetate behind the opaque black is just crystal clear). 

You can really see the distortion and thickness of my hi-index lenses from this angle, and look at that pretty garnet red!


I received this pair of glasses for free to test and review (obviously my opinions are my own). 
But, here is the cost breakdown on these specific glasses before coupons. 

The price of these frames on the site is $19.95. 
They feel waaaay more high end and sturdy than you would expect from a $20 frame. 
Trust me, I've ordered a quite a few different frames from Zenni and sometimes a $20 frame just feels and looks cheap AF, but these do not at all, in fact I'm planning on ordering the tortoise and paying for them with my FSA, because that's how much I love these frames. 

Now, their base lenses are FREE.  If you have a very easy low prescription, then you're about to get yourself some badass new glasses for very inexpensive or free (see coupon codes in the next section.

My lenses in these frames are the 1.67 hi-index (because my prescription is that high) and the prescription is perfect (no weird placement of the PD centering, no headaches).
Here is the breakdown on lens pricing I received when I entered in my prescription during checkout:

The (before coupons) price is $92.50 on these glasses!
Now, for someone, like me... that's ridiculously cheap for a pair of glasses. 
I haven't paid that little for a pair of glasses with insurance.  So, it's a supremely badass deal.

The anti-glare/anti-scratch coating is included in the cost of the lenses and mine was perfectly applied with no flaws and really reduces glare on the lenses. 


You can get your first pair FREE*, right now (*Note: Shipping and handling charges apply!... And... This unfortunately doesn't apply to high prescriptions, like mine... so you will pay for lenses).

If you're like me and have a big prescription I recommend using the 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses Coupon Code: GSHOT50


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