Quick and Easy Eyebrow Tinting/Dying and Grooming Tutorial

BEFORE                         AFTER 

I'm going to let you in on one of my favorite beauty secrets ever! 

I have eyebrows... you just cannot *see* my eyebrows.  And, let's be real here babe... I don't have the urge to draw them on every damn day or pay someone else to tint and groom my eyebrows for me.  So, I found the perfect routine that is inexpensive and anyone with clear or light eyebrow hair can do too.  I literally just took a bunch of shitty selfies while tinting and grooming my own brows... it was time, they were faded and bushy and needed to be tamed to make it easier to style them with makeup.  I did this so you could see how mega easy this is to do yourself. 

NOTE:  I am using a special specific product that has been formulated for this purpose (eyebrow hair is similar to pubic and facial hair, in that it is more coarse and resistant to certain types of dye.  Please do not use regular hair dye instead (I know some people swear by it, but I have never done it because the harsh chemicals in hair dyes are especially dangerous around the eye area). 
Do not use this product on your eyelashes. 

Here's what you will need:

Godefroy Instant Permanent Eyebrow Tint
I am using "light brown" in this tutorial.  There are darker options. 
Also, don't let the word "permanent" scare you.  It fades out over time as you wash your face.

A synthetic flat makeup brush.
This lip brush will do fine.  You don't want it to be too big or too narrow, and it must be synthetic (so it doesn't dye the brush and cleans easily).

A toothbrush
Old or new, I don't care.  Just make sure it doesn't have silicone fingers or weird plastic ridges.

Embroidery Scissors
Fancy or basic.  These are the greatest beauty tool I own.  I use them for fine grooming.

Cotton Makeup Rounds
Or quality paper towels, anything disposable that can absorb hot water without falling apart.


As you can see, the tinting really works amazingly well and looks really natural.  The "after" shot is right after tinting and just before grooming (so they're a little wild).  I'm going to show you a mega easy way to tame your strays and give you that 'naturally perfect' look.

How to Tint your Brows

To start, make sure that your face is freshly cleaned.  I had just given myself a facial, so my skin is super red in these photos.  Living that spa day life! 

The Godefroy Tint Kit has everything you need to tint your brows (except for a brush, some people use the provided sticks to dab the tint onto their brows, I prefer the control of a brush). Each kit comes with four capsules  you can get like 4-8 uses out of each box.  I've already used my kit a couple of times and have had it for a couple of years, now. 

Each kit includes:
  • Mixing Cup
  • Orange Sticks
  • Tint Capsules
  • Creme Developer

STEP ONE: Open the capsule.
You can try to gently pull a capsule apart, but I've found that can lead to powder flying everywhere, so I prefer to use scissors and cut off the end. 

In the past I've been able to get 2 uses out of each capsule by only pouring half of the cap's contents into the mixing cup and then sealing the capsule with a bit of tape.  But, for this tutorial I will be using an entire capsule so you can see how much dye you get out of it (it's more than you'll really need, and that's a good thing because you're doing this for the first time and you want to have too much so you can learn how much you're going to need for next time, and how long to let it sit on your brows).

STEP TWO:  Dump Capsule into Mixing Cup. 

STEP THREE:  Squeeze a little (and I do mean a little, like two or three peas worth) of developer into the cup.

STEP FOUR:  Mix with an orange stick

STEP FIVE:  Application. 
Right before you start, I want you to look at the clock on your phone and note what time it is. 

Brush goop in small amounts onto ONE eyebrow using the synthetic makeup brush.  Keep in mind that you want to really focus on getting the hairs saturated and creating a natural shape.  Your skin may tint a little, but it fades quickly so don't worry about it too much (just focus on make a very neat shape). 
Now I'm going to repeat myself:  ONE EYEBROW AT A TIME!  Your tint isn't going to go bad in the cup, and you have plenty of it.  So, you're going to take your time and you're not going to do both brows at the same time, are you?  NO!  You will only do one brow at a time.  Trust me.  Don't think you should speed ahead and do both at the same time, because that's how you'll end up with one brow much darker than the other. 

Start at the inside part of your brow near your nose and work outward in the direction your hair grows.  You don't want to go against the hair because this can get messy and you can end up with patchy results (trust me, I learned from experience on this one).

Once I have the shape applied in a nice thin coat I like to take more goop on my brush and pat it on top to really saturate the hairs.


Important Info on Timing: **Check the clock again and note how long it took you to apply the goop to your brow.  This is important because this is going to effect how long to keep the product on your face the next time you do this.  The first time you do it you're going to be slower and take your time because you're getting the handle of a new process.  Next time you're going to be much faster and will get different results, so it's important to note how long the product was actually on the brow... and not just how long you wanted to rinse.**
Now that you've finished painted the goop on your eyebrow you're going to wait about 30-60 seconds (yes, seconds!).  I did mine for three minutes because I know how my brow hair reacts to this product and I am faster than you are with application!  This is why we made the entire capsule, so don't worry about needing to reapply.   

After 30-60 seconds you're going to wet your cotton round with hot water, squeeze out the excess and then wipe off the dye.  Don't smear it around.  Wipe then fold the round.  Once you have all of the dye removed (hot water is really all you need, though you might need more than one cotton round to cleanly remove the tint). 

The color you have isn't the color you're going to end up with... so, leave it alone and start on the other brow while this one settles and develops.

STEP SEVEN:  Start on your other brow.
You're going to note the time again before you start.  Your brows are a lot like your nails... it's going to be easier to do one and a little slower/harder to do the other. 
For instance: My left brow sits on my face and grows a little differently than my right brow, so the shape ends up being a bit different. 

Repeat steps 5&6.  Apply, Wait, Rinse. 

As you can see, the hair on my other brow is much darker and more prominent now.  I don't want to go any darker than that, so I am not going to reapply. Even the "Light Brown" will saturate to a much darker color if you leave it on longer or keep reapplying.  I prefer the light brown for this reason.  You can always add color... but once you have it too dark it's just going to be that way until it fades in a few weeks.  It's always safer to be conservative.  And, honestly, this is SO EASY.  I just want to make sure to give you as much wisdom as possible so you have the best results after your first application.

Mine are done!  Now I can see my brows... and that makes them much easier to style and fill because I have shapes and hair to work with.  They're a bit bushy and long in some spots.
Now it's time to groom them. 

Pre-Grooming Notes: 
Once your hair is tinted it's easier to pluck/wax and trim them because you can now see the hair. 
If you plan to wax them yourself (which is also really easy, I should do a tutorial for this some time) only wax above the top line of your brow.  Never wax below the brow... tweeze/pluck only. 
I have a lot of vellus hair on my face (that thin clear peach fuzzy hair that everyone has all over their bodies).  I accidentally dyed some vellus hair the first time I did my brows, this way.  I learned two things from that:  I can cheat and create a fuller brow by dying the vellus hair... and... if I remove the vellus hair around my eyebrows it gives them more definition (not something I am showing you, today, but I recommend an electric body hair trimmer for "shaving" off vellus hair.  Vellus hair will not grow back thicker or darker because it isn't designed that way.  It will grow back.  It is safe to trim it.  Though I don't recommend shaving it off entirely because you could get a follicle infection if it ingrows and the eruptive vellus cysts you can get are hard to get rid of).


You're going to need a mirror, your pair of embroidery scissors and a toothbrush for this.
I love embroidery scissors for grooming because they are very sharp and very precise.  I've been using this pair for about three years on Rex and myself (I hand trim/shape his facial hair and eyebrows). 

STEP ONE:  Brush your brows

You're going to take your toothbrush, get it wet and you're going to brush all of your eyebrow hairs UP.  The water is going to help keep them up and easier to deal with. 
Blurry, I know, but you can see what I did.
As you can see in the blurry photo, the tint has very lightly tinted the skin under my brow.  That will fade in a few days, but it is super useful in trimming my brow hair because it gives me a line to cut across. 


Remember how I said these embroidery scissors are super sharp?  I mean SUPER sharp.  You will not be able to do this with a pair of hair shears or regular scissors.  What makes embroidery scissors perfect for facial hair is that they taper to an extra fine sharp point. 

You're going to cut along the upper line of your brow until about 1/5-1/6th of the way to the inner part of the brow closest to the nose.  Keep that inner eyebrow long/wild because it looks more natural to have some fading texture there instead of a straight blunt end and ridge.

I, personally, do this in two lines and a little higher than the line.  Just like how you can add color, but can't take it away... you can also take away more hair, but can't put it back on your face.  I start on the top line and cut from the outside in.  Then I re-brush the other half of my brow and cut from the bottom up towards my hairline.  If you have straight brows or rounded brows, you're going to find out the best way for you to cut.  I suggest always cutting against the hair growth (outward working inward... or downward working upward) because the hair will want to naturally fall back down into place in the direction it was growing. 

  The reason you want to do this is because it will make sure that your eyebrows always naturally lay inside the boundaries of the shape you've created for them.  They can't get wild and have hairs poking up/out.  It also makes doing makeup WAY easier because you can use some brow wax or brow mascara on them and brush them up (they'll look crazy perfect, like you've had them microbladed on!).  It also makes it easier to fill them in because they will hold their shape and you won't need to guess where to put your pencil lines (top and bottom) and concealer highlight. 

Repeat these two steps with your other brow. 
If you have some on the bottom that mess up the line,  pluck anything UNDER the line. 
I recommend these Tweezers (they're precise and have a nice sharp edge that makes even the thinnest smallest hair easy to pluck).  The mini size I've linked to is also way easier to control. 


Now you've got some "fleek" eyebrows that will stay that way even when you are not wearing any makeup at all.   Plus, they're going to be way easier to enhance when you to wear makeup! 

Happy Tinting!
Feel free to ask questions in the comments (I'll try to answer to the best of my ability).
I would also *love* to see your before and afters using my tutorial (I'll even post them on the blog with credit to you, if you like!).
I know, I know.  Another blurry selfie.  lol  You get the idea, though.


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