SWAK Sabrina in Hot Pink

Rainy Day and Morning Glories!

SWAK has two new Sabrinas
available, right now, and I have them both!  The new colors are Magenta and Navy Blue (I'll be shooting the Navy Blue this next weekend). 

2016 has truly been Sabrina's year over at SWAK!  This year they've released a total of five colors, so far, and they've been selling out lightning fast.  The bright red they put out in Spring and the gorgeous Indigo/Petrol blue both went away within a couple of months of their release.  I anticipate that the Navy and Magenta will both sell out just as fast. 

Now through December 18th you get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.99!  Free shipping actually influences a lot of us to follow through with our purchase or just abandon our carts.  So, take advantage of this killer opportunity!  They have some great discounts available during checkout, too. 

The Magenta Sabrina is much more muted and sophisticated compared to the color you see on the website.  The dress on the site looks almost neon (see below)... but, in person it is this rich rose magenta that isn't too bright or too dull.  In darker evening light it takes on a more purple magenta tone, but even in bolder lighting it is a muted hot pink.  This makes it equally appealing for youthful and more mature shoppers at the same time.  It's definitely a stunning color!  Just not the neon highlighter hot pink that you see in the product pictures. I think that the color discrepancy is due to the intense flash lighting that they use in their shoots. 

Magenta Sabrina as seen on the site (color is more intense than it is in person).

I'm actually thankful that the color is a bit more muted!  Very electric pinks are beautiful and eye catching, but during the fall and winter months they can be very loud with the natural grey blue light of overcast cloudy days.  The actual magenta of the dress would look gorgeous with a long grey, plum or black duster, cardigan or blazer.

The Sabrina is especially awesome for tall babes because it is actually long enough to be floor length on us  For shorter babes, you can always have some fabric taken off the bottom and rehemmed to suit your height (and if you have enough fabric you could even make yourself a little wrap that matches! 

These dresses are insanely comfortable.  I wear mine pretty much everywhere.  I love them for the movies and running out the door to go do errands.  I wear pants under them, sometimes.  They're really resilient to multiple washing and I've used them for a swim cover-up when I go to the pool or beach.  They can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion... layered for cold weather or solo for warm weather. 

To me, the Sabrina is THE PERFECT dress and I am not kidding when I tell you that I aim to own every single color SWAK ever comes out with!  I would be thrilled to have half of my closet be nothing but Sabrinas. 

I have recommended this dress to babes who are looking for a comfortable plus size maxi or long dress to wear to a wedding, or for their plus size bridesmaids, for birthdays, cruises, costumes, an evening at the opera or ballet.  But, you really don't even need a special occasion to wear this dress!  It isn't too dressy or upscale to wear year round.  And, some babes wear a cami underneath for a more modest option. 

Here's the same dress in brighter lighting. 

Personal update: 

This last surgery has been the hardest of all to recover from, this year. 
I felt like I bounced back so fast after the first spine surgery in March, and again I bounced back quickly in June when I had a leg surgery.  But, after this last spine surgery in September I've been just struggling haaaard. 
Lots of pain.  Lots of stiffness.  And, due to steroid pills and steroid injections I gained a bunch of weight over a couple of weeks (which really makes me do more negative self-talk than I should).
I had a seroma (which is a fluid pocket... like a big deep blister) in my back and was having a lot of pain in the last month.  It was really hard to sit in a chair or in the car. 
But, after some scans and some meds (steroids, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs... in various combination of pills and shots) I have been feeling a little bit better in this last week. 

I had an especially bad week, recently, where the pain made me MEGA bitchy.  Pain makes my angry AF, and apparently that's a good thing on an evolutionary level.  Pain triggering anger means you're a survivor!  You're a fighter!  It just isn't at all pleasant for people around me to deal with me when I'm like that.  It adds stress to everything. 

I'm just overall glad that I have been doing much better. 
I hope that those of you recovering from surgery or an injury, right now, are reminding yourselves that healing takes time and you're hopefully going to feel way better soon. 


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