Coastal Review: Derek Cardigan 7005 and Frankie

I'm constantly on the search for fun, retro, femme glasses in a wide fit for my large head/face. 
Today I'm going to tell you about my order and their Derek Cardigan collection. 
Polar opposites:  One pair is wonderful and the other was absolutely torturous.

Disclaimer:  The glasses in this blog were purchased by me.  I was not paid to write this review and was not given any discounts or free product in exchange for this review.  My opinions are my own.  Links in this blog are affiliate links and using them will give me a very small commission. 

Glasses Featured in this Review

The GoodDerek Cardigan 7005 in Brown/Aqua
I purchased these with the 1.67 lenses because of this frame's thick acetate frame. 

The AwfulDerek Cardigan Frankie in Green
I purchased these with the 1.74 lenses (the thinnest possible) because of this frame's thin metal stamped frame.

Some Tips About Shopping

Coastal has some great glasses at affordable prices!  Pricing does include lenses... which is great, again, for those of you with low prescriptions who don't need hi density lenses.  For those of you, like me, you are going to be adding at least $60-100+ for lenses.  There are always coupon codes, out there, though!  So hunt one down before you buy.
Each pair of glasses comes with a cleaning cloth, screwdriver repair kit... and a rather nice clamshell case with felt inside and faux leather outside (much nicer than zenni or glassesshop). 

Overall, I feel that their frame quality is much higher than Zenni, but they don't have as large of a selection and really don't have a ton of femme frames for wide faces (if you are on the hunt for gender neutral frames, they have a ton of those). The Derek Cardigan collection is a home brand exclusive to Coastal.  My three favorite Coastal Exclusive brands are:  Love, Derek Cardigan and Kam Dhillon.
Kam Dhillion has put out some of my favorite frames on the site in the last year (I really wanted the Montecito with the ivory tortoiseshell and green temples, when they were in stock!  They sold out so fast.)... but, unfortunately they are generally made for small/medium faces and are all sized quite small.  Their Love frames have had some wider options, but they also sell out super fast (and are really cute). 

I'm hoping that Coastal will be putting out some great new femme frames, this year, in wider widths!

The site allows you to filter your search based on frame shape and materials... but it does not allow you to search by size at all (which sucks... a lot!).  Each of the frames does have the sizing available for the height/width of lens, bridge and length of the arms.  However, none of the frames have the size of the front measurement (temple to temple) and I find, for my needs, that is the most important number to look at when hunting for glasses online. 
Yes, the lens and bridge measurement is helpful.  But, without knowing the full front measurement I am left guessing based on the appearance of the frame. 

Coastal offers a "My Fit" search where you can enter in the size of a pair of frames that fit you well.  This is kind of cool... but, it still doesn't take into account the full size of the front of the frame (and not all frames that have the same lens/bridge width have the same full front width!).  The other disadvantage to this feature is that it gives you a very very narrow result.  I actually found it much much easier to search the site by frame shape and then look at each measurement separately.  Yes, it took more time... but, I found that the site was excluding a lot of frames that should have been included in the "My Fit" feature. 
Hopefully more sites will be like Zenni (and others) who understand the serious value in including the width measurement of the front of the frame.

Derek Cardigan 7005 Brown Aqua Review

This frame is one of my favorites in my collection.  I had a little bit of an issue with the Derek Cardigan signature thing of putting math symbols at the corners of their glasses (other styles have grammar symbols) as it makes them look a little costume-y.  But, I got over that pretty fast because they're just too cute and stylish to not love!

I had ordered a "Home Tryon" kit from Warby Parker that included a pair of frames with a brown/aqua combo.  I loved the colors, but the frame itself was much too small and didn't look good on me at all.  The 7005 frame fit me perfectly and have an exaggerated femme cat-eye fit that flatters the size and shape of my face really well. The size is perfect (no squeezing in my temples and the lenses are sized nicely so I have a wide field of vision).

The brown/aqua pairing isn't as bold in person, which I like.  The top browline layer is a chocolate brown opaque acetate,  in the center is a smokey taupe acetate with a cloudy transparency, the "aqua" along the bottom rim is really more of a steely blue clear acetate.   They're a nice neutral frame that I can casually wear with hoodies, jeans and some dresses.   

Derek Cardigan Frankie (AKA: THE TORTURE GLASSES!)

These SUCK. These are AWFUL.  These are the most painful glasses I've ever put in my face ever.  Awful awful awful.  BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE!!  Ugggggghhh!!!  The emerald green is a color that I seriously struggle to find in eyewear, so I was super super excited about this frame.  The frame itself is wide and adorable.  

This was straight out of the box.  I wore them for about 10-15 minutes and then decided that I wanted to kill them with fire!
I'm not sure if you can tell that the little nose pads aren't actually sitting flat against my nose, so the little corner end is jamming into my nasal bone.

I ordered quite a few frames online, last year.  This was the only pair that I ended up not only sending back... but also writing the company with a detailed reason for why I was sending them back (this feedback is crucial and I hope it will help anyone out who is considering buying these beautiful nightmare glasses).

HUGE Problems:

1.)  This is a stamped metal frame.  It is thin and the edges aren't exactly sharp, but they aren't really dull either.  In reality, I would imagine that these absolutely would slice your face up if you got into a car accident and the air bag deployed in your face!  I am not even being hyperbolic about this.  They look really cool but they feel really dangerous and have dull knife-like edges all the way around. 

2.)  The nose pads are the most hideously awful construction in the history of nose pads!  Glasses with nose pads should be constructed with the understanding that the *entire* weight of the frame will be balancing on the two pressure points under those nose pads.  Most glasses are constructed so that the nose pad is nice and wide and will pivot with the inside of the frame, allowing for a comfortable angle for the nose pad to apply pressure. 
These nose pads were constructed by a SADIST!  They are stick straight and have these teenie tiny little silicone pads tucked onto the end.  The result is like having two torturous little sticks jabbing you in slow motion on your nose (for me, they dug right into the sides of my nasal bone).  They actually gave me an intense migraine after only wearing them for about 10-15 minutes. The nose pads are also nearly impossible to adjust because of the way they are constructed.  You'd think that wouldn't be the case because they are on the ends of what appear to be thin wires... but, they are harder and more sturdy than they look. 

I noticed that they really hide them when you look at the product shots on the website (so they were a surprise, for me).  I actually asked their customer service rep "Which frames on your site feature these nose pads?!" because the site doesn't make it clear.

WHY!?!?  Who were these nose pads even made for!?  Who could possibly enjoy these!?

3.)   Even with the thinnest hi-density lens option, my lenses were huge and heavy in this frame (with the lens barely clearing the hinges.  These hi-density heavy-ass lenses also meant that a ton of weight was balancing on the "needle chopsticks of doom" they called nose pads! 

I felt no regret in returning these... and feel no shame in telling you DO NOT BUY THEM
They are awful.  So so so awful!


  1. wow! almost just bought these Frankie frames and after reading your review changed my mind! Thanks!

  2. Sorry you hated them, I just adore mine, love the colour shape and weight. Plus and most important they are supper comfy too. Had mine for 16 months and they are my number no1's, but hey we are all individual with differing needs.

  3. Hey. Please take lots of rest. I can understand how annoying it can be; just resting when you have a lot to do. I can relate. Wish you a speedy recovery.



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