Zenni Browline Cat Eye Frames

Glasses from Zenni Optical:

Yellow:  Browline Eye Glasses 193922

Red Polka Dot: Browline Eye Glasses 193918

**Disclosure:  Glasses were purchased by me.  Zenni Optical did not provide product or pay me for this blog review.  All opinions are mine.  This blog does contain affiliate links (where I make a 1.5% commission from any orders placed using my links). 

It's the beginning of a new year, which means that those of you with an FSA suddenly have some funds to spend on things like healthcare, eyeglasses and such.  If your FSA is anything like mine, you've probably got money left over from last year!  The benefit of having an FSA is that your medical fund is not taxed.  The disadvantage is when you don't use your funds you lose your funds forever (and that's not cool when you have hundreds or thousands of dollars left over and aren't sure what to do with them).
Vivi to the rescue!!!

If you're like me and you've had shit eyesight your whole life and have only had one pair of glasses at a time since age 3... You're about to have your whole freaking world change because you're going to spend your FSA dollars on a whole new type of wardrobe: GLASSES! 
I now have 12 pairs of prescription eyeglasses and sunnies... and it's only going to grow over time because I'm obsessed with being able to rock different glasses with different outfits.
As I've told you guys, before, I have a big melon. My head is large and I require wide frames.  Its hard as hell to find cutie femme frames for my wide face and there's an endless sea of choices for babes with small to medium faces.
I prefer my lenses to be 55mm+.
I prefer the width of my frames to be 142mm+.
The wider... The better!

With my high nearsighted prescription, lenses create an optical illusion where my eyes and face are smaller, pinched and further away.  smaller frames exaggerate that effect.  So, I prefer when the corners of the frame line up with my temples (or further out on my face... which is nearly impossible to find without the lens also being much taller and digging into my cheeks).

I've had a few people recommend BonLook to me... and they have some cute options... But they're all TINY.  None of their retro femme frames are going to fit my face the way I need them to.  And they do not offer multiple sizes (which sucks when you are dying for their cute colors, styles and shapes!).
If you ever want to do a wide retro blogger collection, BonLook, HIT ME UP! 
I have a lot of ideas for you for how you can reach an awesome audience of wide-faced femme customers.  Because the only frames you have that would fit me are men's frames.  Laaaaame!!!

So, I'm a sucker for Zenni.
What I love most about Zenni is that you can search their site by lens and frame widths (which makes it very easy to weed out all of the frames that absolutely will not work for me).  So far I've had amazing results using a mixture of the size search and the virtual try-on (they've only let me down twice, which isn't awful considering how sites like BonLook absolutely do not get it right when you use their Virtual Try-on program and do not allow you to search by lens or frame width, leaving you to dig through their site and look at all of the numbers only to find out that none of the frames were made for you! *sad trombone*  Warby Parker is also guilty of these same issues with searching their site.).  

My Zenni prescription eyeglass collection!


Cat Eye Browline Frame Details

I've gotten a lot of frames from Zenni, so far, and I can safely say that these Browline Cat Eye frames are my absolute favorite as far as fit and quality of construction. They look and feel the most expensive (and the style is very similar to a much more expensive Italia Independent frame that I cannot find anywhere).

The cost of the frames themselves is $35.95 each.

I got the yellow pearly frames first and ended up falling madly in love with them!
The red polka dot printed frames were my second pair in this style, and I decided to try out their "blue blocking" lens coating (which is supposed to help with eye strain from staring at electronics a lot... Which is my life, so I decided to give them a go! Though, I can't say I've noticed much difference, tbh).

I have worn the yellow the most frequently and always get compliments whenever I do.  The red polka dot print frame also gets a lot of love, but I find that it's a little more challenging to put an outfit together with them because they're so wonderfully outrageous on their own.  I hope that Zenni will bring more of this exact style out in more colors and patterns (I'm sure if popularity spikes, they will). 

They'd also make awesome prescription sunglasses!  Zenni has many options for sunnies... gradients, transitions and tinted lenses (with my prescription I like to get the tinted lenses because they are the lease expensive).

This frame is very well made and the width (at 142mm) is pretty much perfect for my face size.  No squeezing the sides of my face or looking too cramped or crowded.  I do wish that they were a bit wider, tbh.  And, Zenni does charge a small fee if your PD is lower than 66, for this frame (My PD is 65, and I am not really sure why they charge a fee at 66, because this frame doesn't feel much wider than other frames I've gotten from them.  But, I love them so much that the extra small fee doesn't really matter that much to me). 

If you're lucky enough to have a low prescription, you'll either get lenses free or only end up paying maybe $60-75 max with their best anti-glare coating and some inexpensive lenses.

For those of us with very high prescriptions... Make certain you spring for the thinnest possible lenses.  You'll end up spending $100+ total, but since hi density lenses can run $600-800 through an Eye Doctor ($200-300 online), that's still an insane deal!

Fair warning for those of you with big prescriptions:

Even with the 1.67 or the 1.74 hi density lenses, these still feel a little bit too heavy in my prescription, especially with the nose pads balancing the weight on the sides of my nose.  I can get away with wearing them for a day before needing to switch back to a frame that spreads the weight load out more evenly.  But, for a day or evening where my glasses match my outfit, this Zenni frame rocks!
And they're really nothing compared the worst most painful glasses I've ever worn in my life (blog to come).


  1. I'm in the same boat with my big face! It's nice to see someone totally gorgeous having the same issue. I need to get some of these frames! I'll remember to use your affiliate link when I do.

  2. Glad to see the news on Zenni. I've got to suck it up and get something better than $1 store readers, and I saw where Zenni has the titanium rimless frames. At their prices I can justify getting more than one pair.

    With your review, I feel perfectly comfortable ordering from them.

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