RIP Lovesick! Sad to see you close.


I was shocked today when I opened an email saying that Lovesick is officially going out of business!
After only a year of being open, I am surprised to see this brand fail.  Granted, a lot of their stuff was very very poorly made.  But, some of it was incredibly cute and inexpensive compared to their sister brand Torrid.  I had noticed that their largest sizes were the ones that would sell out the fastest. 
I wish that other brands would take note of that fact because as a woman on the higher end of their sizing, we have much much fewer options available to us compared to the size 10/12 market that plus brands constantly think they need to cater to first. 
Look, plus brands... size 10/12 girls can get clothing off the rack from pretty much every single store at the mall.  It's the size 24+ girls that struggle to find cute stuff and mob sites like Lovesick because they give us options that no one else does/will!  They had recently extended their sizing to include size 8.  Because... that's really why you were in trouble Lovesick... you weren't offering more clothing to smaller sizes!?  No.  That was a dumb move.  Size Medium women aren't thinking "I wish that plus size stores would be more inclusive!"

Size Medium women aren't thinking "I wish that these plus size stores would be more inclusive!" 

A lot of us in the size 24+ community yearn for more options and lower prices!

It's such a shame to see this store die, like this. 
It appears that they will be officially shutting down as of May 1st 2017. 

I haven't been blogging, recently, because I am still recovering from my last surgery that I had last Fall (and then having my car die tragically a few weeks before Christmas).  Sitting in a chair at my computer has become a very difficult task (and my body swelled up dramatically after this last operation, so a lot of the clothing I was sent to blog about suddenly didn't fit!).   I am hoping to get back soon, but my stupid spine and leg have been a nightmare to deal with in the last six months. 
Luckily, we acquired a used van earlier this month and things are already starting to get better! 
So, hold tight for more blog posts soon.
I haven't really gone anywhere... I've just been taking it easy because I need to.  <3


  1. They posted that its temporary and that they'll be back but who knows when or even if they'll reopen. And it seems weird for a brand to completely shut down to then come back.

    1. I completely agree! They did say that they would be restructuring and coming back (and there have been online brands that have done this successfully by going away, reevaluating their goals and suppliers, and coming back stronger and more focused). Maybe they'll come back as an online only store? The physical store I went to really didn't do well. I'm also hoping that they will be more consistent with their sizing and quality! The appeal of having the store at the mall was that I could go physically touch the clothes and try them on without the hassles of needing to send back stuff that didn't fit (and there was a lot that didn't fit right in store).

      I sincerely hope that all of the feedback from the plus community is received like the valuable gift it is... and that they come back better than before!

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  5. Size 20+. I'm sorry but stores cater up to 18 and stop anything being cute at 20.



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