Unicorn Dress: Vivi rising from the ashes like a fashionable phoenix!

My Unicorn Dress Story (Rising from the ashes like the phoenix I am).
Below is a link to the only place where this dress is available, now. 
The dress is the Tulip Fit and Flare dress by City Chic, but City Chic no longer carries it.
If you sign up for a free month of GB I will be compensated for the referral. 
I did originally rent this dress from GB in Summer of 2016, but purchased it in January of 2017 from City Chic directly. All opinions are mine and no one has sponsored or paid me for this blog post.

Tulip Dress
Faux silk fit-and-flare dress with scoop neck and back, no stretch, concealed back zip,... [More]
Price: $0.00

Last Summer, before my leg nerve surgery, I decided to give Gwynnie Bee another chance (after having an awful experience with them a couple of years ago).  I had never tried City Chic dresses before and got this gorgeous Tulip Dress in the mail in my GB box.

It became my "throw it on quick and go" dress during my surgery recovery for a few reasons:

1.)  The dress came right to above my knee, so riding around on my little knee scooter was super easy with it.  It has *POCKETS* (which is great when you need both hands to steer a knee scooter and carrying a purse is hard... but also great if you just want to bring your wallet, lipstick and keys to an event and not have to bring your whole purse with you).

2.)  It has light modesty cups built into the dress, so I didn't have to wear a bra to look "decent".  But, if you do wear a bra with it... it has strap "stays" with snaps to keep your bra straps in place.

3.) The fabric is soft and super comfy.  The dress is fully lined and has just a little bit of netting to give the skirt some flare (without too much poof).  They even were thoughtful enough in the design to make sure that the lining of the dress covers the netting so your legs don't get subjected to itchy-town. 

It didn't come with the belt (I never get belts from GB) but I was pretty okay with that. 

I am pretty sure that I wore this dress every single day for about a week straight... just to go out for a super short time and then come back.  It went to the store, to the doctor, to the movies.  I pretty much lived in it.  I had strongly considered buying it... but, at the time surgery and life drained our funds and we were struggling again (plus, husband's job had just been purchased by another company).  So, I had to send it back.  I put it into a blue bag.  Put it into my car... and apparently forgot about it for WEEKS before GB contacted me to say "Hey, we never got that dress!"  I was mad at them again and thought "GREAT!  They lost my dress!  Wonderful."  Nope... this time I was the asshole who didn't actually put it into the mail.  They ended up getting the dress and all was fine with the world. 

I would say that overall their quality, selection and service has vastly improved since I had left! 
They also made it incredibly easy for me to end my subscription (though it was weird to overhear some people in the background of the conversation talking about ghosts or something weird while I was on the line with the CSR,  but that really isn't a judgement on the brand or even their service... just something that stuck with me long after the call).

I do wish that they would use more diversity in their modeling (which they will still say is due to agencies not offering larger models... ask for them GB!  Make it happen!  Supply only happens when there is demand and women 24+ need to see clothes on bodies size 24+!).

Months and months later...
I just couldn't stop thinking about the dress... 
It became... my unicorn...
The near mythic dress I loved that I let go and thought I would never see ever again...

Thankfully, City Chic had a huge clearance sale around the New Year to get rid of all of their old styles and this dress was included in the sales!  So, I got it brand new (with the belt) before it sold out lightning fast.  At the time there was really no way that I could fit into the dress. It's a size 24 and after yet another surgery in September and two rounds of steroids, I had swelled up to a size 28/30 and none of my clothes fit me... which is depressing AF, especially when you have a pile of new clothes to blog about that you can't possibly wear!  But, the nice thing about surgery/medication weight/size gain is that over time it goes away again...
So, all of the clothes I couldn't wear then became future new clothes I could wear when my body got over whatever it was going through. 

Part of why I joined Gwynnie Bee back in Summer of 2013 was because I was struggling hard after my craniotomy and felt really ugly towards myself and my body.  Fashion (especially being able to explore new brands and styles without commitment) was medicine, for me.  I wasn't getting out very much... so, having new clothes come in the mail and having an excuse to put something cute on, do my makeup and go outside for a bit to take pictures to share online... well, that changed my life in a lot of ways. 
I don't think that people even realized that those pictures were the rare moments I actually felt "good" instead of just moments from an absurdly fashionable life where everything was always great (it really wasn't).  Fashion helped me heal.  Fashion helped me feel okay with my body again. 

And, now, fashion is doing that for me again as I heal from the last two years and five surgeries I've had.  My body is exhausted and my back still kills me at times (especially when I overdo it).  But, I am going to get better and better over time... and fashion adventures are going to be a big part of that. 


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